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Why Support the Not A Traditional Golf Outing, Take VIII?

Fore! Research to fuel the next generation of patient outcomes.

Located in Greenville, SC, The Hawkins Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to advance orthopaedic medicine and outcomes for patients through research and education. Working alongside physicians of the Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas, the Hawkins Foundation provides a unique set of resources and infrastructure to fuel the next generation of orthopaedic medicine and care. Learn more about the Hawkins Foundation.

Steadman Hawkins doctors

This year, all proceeds from the Not A Traditional Golf Outing, Take VIII, will fund orthopaedic research supported by the Hawkins Foundation. These studies, collaborations between clinicians, physicians, healthcare professionals and students, place the Hawkins Foundation on the forefront of orthopaedic medicine, and ensure our community receives cutting edge care.

Over its ten-year history, the Hawkins Foundation has led the way in innovative research, which in turn helped to shape orthopaedic practice and education. The Hawkins Foundation again finds itself on the forefront of medical implementation with its work with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. Helping to bridge the data gap existing in medical practice, the Hawkins Foundation hopes to improve the standard of value-based healthcare, and help define better, faster and less expensive medical solutions for orthopaedic injuries.